Welcome to Scott Family Dental Care

Your Family Dentist in Fresno CA

When you visit Scott Family Dental Care, you are stepping into a true family dental practice! Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable experience, whether you are here to see us for a dental cleaning, crown, filling, dental implant or a smile-perfecting procedure such as porcelain veneers.

About Our Team

In our practice, we put your family’s safety, health and comfort first, and we know that those goals are best met through good communication between our staff, doctors and you! We offer a full range of dental services, both general and cosmetic, to existing and new patients alike – right here in our Fresno office.

Our office is located at 125 E. Barstow Ave, Ste 141, Fresno, CA.
Call us at Scott Family Dental Care Phone Number 559-222-5331.

We Offer Sedation Dentistry

If you are apprehensive about dental work, we have a variety of tools to help you relax and feel safe. One of those tools is dental sedation, which allows us to help you achieve the level of comfort you need to feel relaxed while we get your mouth in good health! Call us at Scott Family Dental Care Phone Number 559-222-5331 to find out more about our sedation services.

A Smile to Be Proud Of

These days, a great smile is important to a person’s success in both social and professional circles. Even a small aesthetic improvement can raise a person’s self-confidence level tremendously. Our extensive experience with advanced cosmetic dentistry allows us to advise you on the best way to achieve your best smile.

We Offer Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth, a dental implant is by far the best option for replacement. While it is true that the upfront cost of dental implants is more than alternatives like bridges, implants also last longer, often up to a lifetime. This is why we consider dental implants to be a great investment in your health and your future. We are always happy to discuss dental implant options with you – please give us a call at Scott Family Dental Care Phone Number 559-222-5331 to set up a consultation.

Putting Technology to Work

In our office, we know that better technology leads to better results and increased comfort for our patients. That’s why we stay abreast of new trends in dentistry and regularly update our technology, materials and techniques. Some of our favorite tools include intraoral cameras, air abrasion (drill-free decay removal), digital imaging and dental lasers for virtually pain-free, quick-healing procedures.

We are proud to serve Fresno, CA and the surrounding communities with exceptional dental care. New patients, please call us at Scott Family Dental Care Phone Number 559-222-5331 to experience modern dentistry at its best!